Today’s harvest

Today’s harvest!….just beat the bugs with my broccoli. Home grown greens to go with my roast rack of lamb for dinner!



Seafood Laksa

Ok on my own on a Friday night with Andrew working in Melbourne I am left to my own devices to make a delicious Asian dish for dinner. So while watching Grand Designs (love it!) and enjoying my Friday vino I am up for the challenge. So heres a photo to start!


Ah my dog wants a photo included too! Watching me!!


Soggy Coast!

Ok it is official the Sunshine Coast is now the Soggy Coast!…..well it should be called that really!

Raining now for 6 days straight, suppose to get some relief on the weekend – will see!

Thinking of another cook up this weekend if the rain persists.

Vegie garden is getting a bit drowned again and being weighed down by the water – will need to give the vegies some TLC on the weekend. Haven’t got a photo sorry just too wet to go out, to get a photo! Even had to encourage my dog to go out! Chooks haven’t been too keen to come out of their warm beds either! They ventured out today for a peck and a slosh through the puddles!

Oh yesterday put on the slow cooker at lunch time for butter chicken for dinner last night – sorry forgot to take a photo! But will share you the recipe, was delish! left overs tonight!

Andrew is currently interstate for work and really missing his great asian cooking (and missing him too of course!) so thinking of making a seafood laksa this weekend to get my fix. Will also make a vegie soup some stage too. Will remember photos!!