Preparing the veggie beds for spring

Ok I am running a bit behind schedule. I should have got into my veggie beds a few weeks ago to prepare for spring and summer, luckily still have bit of time.

I haven’t blogged for awhile as I have been doing this online sewing course which I am thoroughly enjoying but now behind in that due to my gardening this weekend!! (was going to catch up on my sewing!).

Day 1 – Saturday

My dog and I went for a drive on route for our regular walk at the dam nearby and went and got some chook poo direct from a chook farm. Bags gone up now $5 a bag but still fresher and better value than buying it at a hardware/nursery. Last weekend I went and collected bags of cow manure straight from the paddock of a friends neighbour up the road. Preparation of your soil for your veggie beds is the key to growing great veggies. My grandfather swore by it and he of course is right. I prepare my soil now exactly like he use to so I thinker would be pleased I listened to him and mum too!!

I got some organic compost at the hardware store the other week as had a voucher so of course got gardening supplies!!

So here are the beds prior, which the nurstursims took over. Tools you will need and supplies.







Have put my manure (chook and cow) and compost down and working it into the beds. I am going to use two bags of organic compost as I am planting tomatoes again and they are very hungry eaters.


Oh forgot to say I harvested my beds yesterday evening and have dug up number of plants to make it easier to get into the soil. Will transplant them later.



Winter veggies

Got enough from the garden tonight for dinner – broccoli, bit of spinach before the bugs eat it, odd beans and a lone pea, and was very keen to see my baby carrots but still very baby!!

My garden is in need of a lot of TLC at the moment the nasturims have taken over and just gone wild.

Time to pull everything out and prepare beds with a good feed of compost and chook manure in time for fast approaching spring.

May be a few weekends job! This weekend is source the manure – time for a drive around the surrounding country towns! Also time to get into my compost and see if my chooks have left me any worms (as they keep sneaking in there even though have blocked it off – they know they are not allowed in there!!).

Time for dinner now!


Love home made pizza on the weekend!

Don’t have much in way of food in the fridge at the moment but felt like something tasty for lunch, so raided the garden and found enough supplies to make a delicious pizza!

Home made pizza dough I had portioned and frozen (so easy to do in advance – I always have some on hand). Little tomatoes on their last legs from the fridge, pepperoni and cheese.

Home grown ingredients – pizza thyme, basil, shallots, 1 tiny capsicum (that’s the last of my capsicums) and rocket!! Also had some homemade relish for the base!!

Delish!! (with Andrew away for work have currently lost bit of interest in the cooking dept lately- back into my craft and currently doing an online sewing class!)….



We have a pumpkin!!

Very excited just found my first pumpkin!! Grown wild from my compost. Not many bees these days so not sure if it was the work of a stray lone bee or my attempt of fertilisation – most likely the stray lone bee!! Very excited!


Also here’s a photo of my celery in the old first attempt garden bed I abandoned due to limited sun still growing wild!


My dog checking out the celery in the old garden bed….


Quiche for lunch!

A friend dropped in today and I whipped up a yummy quiche and salad for lunch. Perfect for a winters lunch.

Counted 8 home grown ingredients in today’s lunch!! – really achieved my goal today of 3 home grown ingredients in our meals.

They included:

  • Quiche – eggs, parsley, chives and made the pastry but didn’t include that in the count.
  • Salad – baby cos lettuce , rocket, cucumber.
  • Drinks – mint and lemon in iced water.

Ok for the recipe – which the quiche filling itself is out if my head / what mum use to kind of do and I have improvised it / whatever’s in the fridge! Pastry is mum’s recipe!

Pastry – no roll


  • 90g butter
  • 2 1/2 tbs milk (I just use a bit to the consistency want)
  • 125g self-raising flour (I use more about 150-175g to get a good amount of pastry for the dish)
  • pinch salt

Put butter and milk in a saucepan and heat gently until butter melts. Remove from heat. Sift flour with a pinch of salt in a bowl and add melted butter. Mix with wooden spoon into a ball.

Put into lightly butted and floured pie/quiche dish. Kneed out with hands to form a base and build up around the insides of rim of dish. Fill with your choice of filling (see mine below). Bake in 180-200 degree oven till cooked. Our oven is terrible so I put in on 200 degrees and bake my quiche for 45 mins. I was given a good ceramic quiche dish – invest in a good one, I use mine all the time.


  • bacon – I use about 3-4 short cut rations
  • onion – diced, or I use shallots if have them
  • mushrooms – sliced

Cook the above off in a frypan with season until just done. Place in pie dish on top of pastry base. Spread a bit of cheese over bacon mix – I use whatever I have tasty chedder and bit of parmarsen and sometimes I add some brie etc….depends on your wish fat content!

In a seperate bowl crack and wisk 5 eggs (or use less if they are big eggs). I season with salt and pepper.  Add some cream or milk or both. You want a bit more liquid than the eggs to ensure you have a good amount (but not too runny) to fill your pie dish up. Add fresh herbs, I use parsley and chives. Pour this liquid mixture over the other ingredients in the dish. Bake approximately 45 mins in 180-200 degree oven. May need 40-50 mins just check – you know when it is cooked when it is a bit browned on top.

Serve with quarter of tomato or fresh salad.  Great for winter lunch, picnic (served warm or cold) or a Sunday night dinner (we have eggs for a lighter Sunday night dinner!).

Seafood Laksa

Ok on my own on a Friday night with Andrew working in Melbourne I am left to my own devices to make a delicious Asian dish for dinner. So while watching Grand Designs (love it!) and enjoying my Friday vino I am up for the challenge. So heres a photo to start!


Ah my dog wants a photo included too! Watching me!!