Welcome to my home gardening and cooking blog!

This is by no means a professional gardening or cooking blog – but a blog I have set up to stop driving my friends mad on Facebook with my gardening and cooking updates! and one where I can share tips, ideas, recipes and photos! Have a bit of a passion for photography too – and bit into food photography these days!

Where we are – we live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia – however after 2 years of rain thinking of petitioning to get the Sunshine Coast renamed to the Soggy Coast! Weather appears to be returning to more of our normal weather these days – recently had some glorious winter sunny days! My vegie patch is rejoicing!

With the weather conditions so unseasonal it has been challenging with the vegie patch….lost some of my herb garden due to mould after so much rain…..vegies have generally been good, however have also lost some crops due to being too wet including my corn – chooks enjoyed it though!

My vegie garden beds – see photos galore on this blog and http://wp.me/p2uQhk-w – were made by my partner with non-treated wood.  I practice organic principles with my herbs and vegetables.

The cooking – well yes that started with mum and my grandmother being great country cooks. Andrew’s mum is also a great country cook though she denies it all the time! The cooking gene has definitely been passed down to all of us kids – my brother, all of my cousins and my partner Andrew are all great cooks.  I am not too shabby myself! More importantly I enjoy it and find it relaxing and rewarding seeing my home grown produce turn into delicious meals. Now we have a good kitchen that is easy to work in we both do more cooking and set the challenges higher each time.

I am more of a traditional country cook and thirsty for the old family recipes that always proved a favourite! Andrew is the Asian cook in our house – he has done a Thai cooking class at the Spirit House up here on the Coast at Yandina – it has an excellent reputation up here! His cooking has improved ten fold since we moved into our current house up the coast – more room to make a mess! So I happily leave Andrew to do all the stir-frys, fried rice, curries, and asian banquets!!

My aim with our dinner meals and generally most of our meals we prepare and have at home – have at least 3 home-grown ingredients from the vegie and herb gardens in them! I generally reach that goal! Some meals I have counted up to 6 home-grown ingredients in them!! My girls (chooks! – see blog) eggs are included in this mix!

…..now just to get our power off the grid we nearly can be self-sufficient – we are on tank water, have our own sewage system – which the grey water waters our tropical front garden.

Check out my blogs for garden progress and cooking challenges!! oh I haven’t told you about my orchard – that can be a future blog also!…..happy gardening and cooking!!


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